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From two to three thousand to tens of thousands of yuan, why

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Many people don't want to make beautiful tile joints by themselves, not because the technical requirements of tile beautiful joints are too high, but because the time and physical effort are relatively large. However, if ordinary owners are not afraid of hard work and fatigue, they can also do beautiful sewing by themselves. However, when I got to know the owners who have already done the beautiful seam of the ceramic tiles, I found that there is a certain gap in the cost of the beautiful seaming of the ceramic tiles. Some owners have spent tens of thousands of dollars before and after, while some owners only spent two or three. thousand. So, in addition to the difference in labor costs, what other reasons have caused the gap in costs? Today, the author analyzes the mystery of the cost of beautiful tile joints for everyone.


The cost of beautiful jointing of ceramic tiles mainly involves two parts, one part is the cost of beautiful jointing materials, and the other part is the labor cost of beautiful jointing of tiles. First of all, from the point of view of materials, the materials for tile beauty joints mainly include cement-based grouts and beauty joints.


Cement-based joint filler is an early tile joint filler material. Although it has a single color and is mainly black and white, it is cheap and easy to use, so it is widely used in home decoration. Its main disadvantage is that after the tiles are filled, the surface will have tiny holes that are difficult to detect. It will inevitably hide stains after using for a long time, and it is not easy to clean. If it is used in a humid place such as a bathroom, it is also prone to mold. Breed bacteria.


Tile beauty joint agent is also called porcelain joint agent in the building materials market. In fact, tile beauty joint agents also include different sub-categories. Porcelain joint agents belong to the further optimized beauty joint agents. Usually, the porcelain joint is mainly based on oily epoxy resin, which is brighter after perfect joints, and the effect of waterproof and moisture-proof, stain-resistant and mildew-proof is much better than that of cement-based joint fillers.


However, the bright surface tile beauty joint agent can not meet the decoration needs of all families. On the one hand, some owners prefer the matt effect; on the other hand, if the tiles laid in the home are matt tiles or soft-light tiles, it is not suitable for the use of bright surface beautifying agents. Driven by market demand, a porcelain joint agent capable of achieving a matt effect appeared. This is epoxy colored sand, which can be either a glossy surface effect or a matte surface effect. However, the price of epoxy colored sand is higher than that of epoxy-based porcelain joint agents, and the anti-fouling effect is also weak.


In fact, through the above introduction of the two kinds of tile beauty joint agents, you probably know their respective cost rankings. Under normal circumstances, cement-based caulking agent is between 1-2 yuan/square meter, while the price of porcelain jointing agent is much higher, and ordinary porcelain jointing agent is also 15-20 yuan/square meter.

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