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Are these preparations done before the tiles are laid?

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In house decoration and tiling, in addition to choosing good quality ceramic products, we must also control the construction quality of tile laying. There are many owners who are worried about not only that the tiles are not flat enough, but also that the tiles will fall off after the tiles are laid. Next, the author sorted out the necessary preparation process for tiles before paving construction for owners, which can reduce and reduce the probability of on-site construction of tiles and quality problems after paving.


First of all, before the tiles are applied to the wall and floor, the wall and floor must be treated and sanitized. If the wall and floor are uneven, batch leveling must be performed first. If there are cracks on the wall, repair the cracks before starting to lay the tiles to prevent the cracks on the back wall from expanding further, which will not only affect the use of the wall, but may also cause the tiles to crack and fall off. If the walls and floors are not clean enough, and materials such as cement and latex paint are stuck, they have to be cleaned. In this way, the tiles and walls and floors can be more firm when they are pasted with adhesives.


Secondly, pay attention to the order of tile paving. It is recommended to communicate with the construction master in advance, instead of waiting until the paving is completed and the order is found to be improper before regretting or requiring rework, causing unnecessary trouble. In fact, there are certain requirements for the paving order of wall and floor tiles. Usually the tiles on the wall are laid first, and then the tiles on the ground. When paving the tiles on the wall, it is done from bottom to top, and the bottom row of tiles must wait for the tiles of the floor tiles to be laid before they are laid; while the tiles on the ground are generally laid from the inside out, if It is the floor decoration of the bathroom, and it must be laid along the direction of drainage.


In addition, the water absorption rate of tiles is high or low, and the water absorption rate standards of different types of tiles are different, and different application areas have different requirements for the water absorption rate of the tiles. For example, wall tiles and floor tiles need to be treated differently. Under normal circumstances, the water absorption rate of wall tiles is higher than that of floor tiles. Therefore, wall tiles and floor tiles cannot be mixed. If floor tiles are to be laid on the wall, special adhesives are needed to assist.


Compared with the guest dining room and bedroom, the kitchen and bathroom need to use a lot of water every day, and the walls and floors are prone to damp. Therefore, the water absorption rate of tiles in the kitchen and bathroom must not be too high, especially the floor tiles should pay attention to non-slip. In this way, a good daily use experience of the tiles can be better guaranteed, and the service life of the tiles can be prolonged.


In addition, many tiles need to be soaked in water before they are laid to ensure the firmness of the adhesion.

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