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Change Breakthrough and Win-Win

  Energy saving, environmental protection, green and low carbon in the national building materials industry

 Advanced model

 Antibacterial ceramic tiles in Henan Province and its green intelligence

 Manufacturing Engineering Technology Research Center

 Listed in Henan Engineering Technology Research Center

 The sixteenth ceramic industry newcomer list

 "Product of the Year Gold Award Tile Category)"

 "Functional Ceramic Tile Excellence Award"

 One of the founding members of the Haute Couture Club

Brilliant as an ode to another peak

 Henan Province Intelligent Manufacturing Benchmarking Enterprise

 Anyang Excellent Non-Public Enterprise (Industry Leader)

 President Unit of Henan Ceramic Industry Green Development Association

 China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association Enterprise Credit AAA Level

 "National Advanced Model Enterprise for Energy Conservation, Environmental Protection, Green and Low Carbon in Building Materials Industry" awarded by China Building Materials Federation

 Tianjin third-level enterprise of safety production standardization

Concentrate your efforts to win 2019

 Energy Management System Certification

 Shaanxi University of Technology, Henan University of Technology, Anyangw

 School of Engineering Practice Base

 Tianjin Normal University Research Cooperative Unit

 The most beautiful taxpayer of private enterprises in Anyang in 2018

 Tianjin Key New Product Certificate

 Tianjin Enterprise Technology Center

Reaching the pinnacle, transforming and innovating

 The title of "Famous Brand Product" in Tianjin

 "Killer Product" in Tianjin

 Tianjin "Industrial Tourism Demonstration Site"

 Anyang High-tech Enterprise Certification

 Anyang factory was awarded "Smart Factory"

Technology is the core, high-tech leads

 Tianjin "Science and Technology Little Giant" Enterprise

 SGS certification

Stable quality, world-renowned

 Tianjin High-tech Enterprise Certification

Internationally advanced, innovating the future

 Recognition of Tianjin Technology-based Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

 "Specialized, Specialized, New" Product Certification

 Lloyd's Management System Certification




 U.S. "Full Life Cycle Green Certification"

Deserving to its name, demonstrating responsibility

 Excellence Award of the First "China-Italy Ceramic Design Award"

 Anyang Belite launch

Seek out after the plan

 Founded in 1995

 Headquarters is located in the port city-Tianjin