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Tiles are so tiring to sew beautifully, why don't they regre

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At present, the beautiful seam of ceramic tiles has become the choice of more and more home decoration. However, should you ask a professional master to do beautiful sewing, or do it yourself? There are different opinions on the Internet. Those who do not support their own beautiful stitching of tiles think that it is too tiring to be worthwhile. There are many reasons and viewpoints for the other side who supports themselves in making beautiful tile joints. Today, the author has sorted out the 5 main reasons why they still insist on not regretting the five owners who make beautiful joints for ceramic tiles, which are for reference only.


Reason 1: Can save a lot of money

Presumably, most owners want to make beautiful seams by themselves at first, mainly for the purpose of saving decoration costs. As an owner said on WeChat, as long as there is the motivation to save money, the ability to do things, the perseverance to endure hardships, and enough physical strength, it is not a problem to make beautiful tiles by yourself. Owner A spent a week making beautiful stitches by himself. He often started work in the morning and ended after 4pm. There was no place to eat at noon. He was so hungry that he was dizzy and nauseous. Although he felt tired, he still felt worth saving a lot of money.


Reason 2: Good sewing effect

When many owners make beautiful joints for ceramic tiles, they buy beautiful joints from a certain treasure. Owner B’s house is a double-layered duplex with white marble tiles. He bought a golden beautifying agent on a certain treasure. He went to the new house every noon to make beautiful joints for the tiles of a room. No vacuum cleaner or beautification was used. paper. At present, it has been almost three years since the new house has been moved in, and there have been no problems with the ceramic tiles in the house.


Reason 3: It’s easier to have skills

Owner C believes that it is necessary to think of ways to make beautiful tile joints by yourself, use your brain, and don't be afraid of waste. His home is covered with glazed tiles. In addition to buying beauty joints, he also bought independent wheels for moving furniture. When sewing beautiful seams, the couple used a rope to pull each other, each sitting on a skateboard holding a gun, and walking towards the gap between the tiles to make a whole line. In this way, it would be done several times back and forth.


Reason 4: a sense of accomplishment

Many owners mentioned the word "sense of accomplishment" when they talked about their experience of making beautiful joints of ceramic tiles. Owner D is helping her sister’s beautiful seams. He bought materials and tools online, and followed the tutorial videos. Although it was very hard work, I felt very fulfilling overall. He said that when his home is renovated, he will still choose to make beautiful tile joints by himself.

Reason 5: Enhance family feelings

Owner E’s house is where the couple worked together to make beautiful tiles. She feels that it is one thing to save money. She enjoys two people working quietly, chatting, returning home to sum up experience after the end, and the atmosphere of continuing tomorrow, which has a feeling of building a home together.

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