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Still picking tiles the wrong way? Avoid these misunderstand

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Ceramic slabs, polished tiles, wood-grain tiles, marble tiles...There are many types of ceramic tiles. How should consumers choose when buying? Are the online ceramic tile purchase skills really useful? Next, the author teaches you how to avoid the misunderstanding of purchasing, and truly buy high-quality ceramic tiles.


Misunderstanding one, knock on the tiles to listen to the sound

Different tiles have different sounds due to different craftsmanship. Even if the sound of tapping tiles is good or bad, for most ordinary consumers, there is no way to tell which tile is of better quality and which tile is of worse quality. Just like when many consumers pretend to be very knowledgeable when buying watermelons, knocking on this watermelon, knocking on that watermelon, and listening to the sound while knocking is actually not very helpful.


Misunderstanding two, see water absorption rate when dripping water

Some ceramic tile stores will do a drip test, allowing consumers to drip water on the back of the tiles. The slower the water diffusion, the better the quality of the tiles. Although there is a certain difference in the water absorption rate of the tiles, it cannot explain the quality of the tiles. According to national standards, different types of tiles have different water absorption rates.


Misunderstanding three, prefer large-size tiles

Although, the larger the size of the tile, the more atmospheric and high-grade. However, the larger the size of the tiles, the heavier the weight. If it is paving and pasting on the wall, the manpower and energy required will be higher, and the cost of natural paving and pasting construction will be more expensive. If it is laid on the floor of the living room, dining room and bedroom, the ceramic tile is recommended to choose 600×600㎜, or 800×800㎜ medium and large size. And if it is tiles laid on the floor of the kitchen and bathroom, generally 300×300mm floor tiles are sufficient. If it is paving and pasting on the wall, it is recommended to choose 300×600mm wall tiles.


Misunderstanding four, rely on tiles to purify the air

At present, there are many healthy tiles on the market, and some tile stores will tell consumers that they recommend negative ion tiles, which can not only be used as ordinary tiles, but also can purify PM2.5 and formaldehyde in the air. In fact, to remove formaldehyde indoors, opening windows for ventilation is the most effective. Therefore, consumers are advised not to spend so much on floor tiles.


The above is an introduction to the four misunderstandings of ceramic tile purchase. Frankly speaking, ceramic tiles are not difficult to buy. In our daily life, we often come into contact with ceramics, just like buying ceramic bowls and plates, without too much attention. The most important thing in ceramic tile purchase is to choose a good color, which can better match the overall decoration style. Of course, if you don't know how to choose ceramic tiles and want the quality to be guaranteed, it is recommended to choose a big brand.

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