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When buying ceramic tiles, you have to learn to be an expert

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For consumers who do not have much decoration experience, without mentioning the complicated and professional construction procedures and craftsmanship, just the initial purchase of ceramic tiles requires a lot of thought and time to research. Many consumers have even visited the local building materials market in order to buy tiles that suit their hearts.


However, there are many brands and types of ceramic tiles on the market, and they are also rich in colors and styles. The quality is even more mixed. Moreover, ceramic tile vendors have prepared many routines. Therefore, it is really not easy to place an order quickly and smoothly. So, when buying ceramic tiles, how can we spend less money and avoid ceramic tile merchants? How can we avoid detours and choose good quality tiles?


In fact, consumers are already targeted as soon as they enter the tile store. Through the consumer's words and deeds, the ceramic tile business will quickly determine whether the ceramic tile is small. If the consumer asks how much a piece of tile is, the installation is not included. When the tile merchant heard it, he knew it was a layman.


Therefore, when communicating with ceramic tile merchants, they must learn the professional skills of insiders and avoid using the wrong questioning method, so that the merchants dare not blatantly. For example, when consulting the price of ceramic tiles, you can directly ask how much the tiles cost per square meter instead of how much a piece is. You know, although the price of a single tile sounds not expensive, it usually requires several tiles per square meter, which is not cheap.


For ceramic tile specifications, if the ceramic tile manufacturer recommends an unusual specification similar to 900×900mm, be sure to pay attention. Because it is larger than 800×800mm. Or the size of tiles smaller than 300×300mm will increase the difficulty and time of construction when paving, and usually more money will be charged.


I believe that many consumers will ask about the tile level when buying ceramic tiles. However, many consumers are not very familiar with the grade of ceramic tiles, and are easily misled by ceramic tile merchants, thinking that first-class products are the best. Therefore, it is necessary to confirm with the tile merchant whether the tiles to be ordered are top-quality products, so as not to be fooled by the merchants with first-class products.


In addition, it is necessary to ask whether it is Guangdong brick, whether the ceramic tile manufacturer has a long-term production schedule, and whether it is a large or small color number. If it is a small color, it is recommended not to buy it. Although the small color tiles are cheap, it is even more troublesome if there is a problem and there is no way to replenish them.


In summary, when buying ceramic tiles, it is recommended that consumers first understand the relevant knowledge of ceramic tiles, learn the jargon, and know how to be an expert in order to avoid detours and not easy to be tricked by ceramic tile merchants.

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