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The selection and matching of ceramic tiles is not difficult

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It takes a relatively long time to decorate the home, and it may take two to three months at the earliest. In this process, there are also many building materials involved. Among them, the choice and application of ceramic tiles not only have a greater impact on the overall decoration effect, but also directly affect the owner's experience after moving in. So, when decorating, how should owners choose and apply ceramic tiles? Next, the author introduces the selection and collocation of ceramic tiles through the characteristics and needs of different spaces in the home.


Selection and matching of living room tiles

Generally speaking, the living room at home will be more spacious, and many families will open up the living room and dining room during decoration, which makes the overall sense of space stronger. Therefore, it is recommended to decorate the living room, in terms of the size of the tile, you can choose 800mm and above. In terms of the types of tiles, polished tiles, polished glazed tiles and vitrified tiles can all be considered. The specific choice depends on the light intensity of the living room and the decoration budget. Relatively speaking, polished glazed tiles and vitrified tiles have higher gloss, which can make the space appear brighter, but the selling price is much higher than polished tiles.


Kitchen and bathroom tiles selection and matching

If the space area of the living room is the largest in the home; then the space of the kitchen and bathroom in the home is the inverse. Moreover, the walls and floors of the kitchen are often easily contaminated with oil; the bathroom uses a lot of water and the environment is very humid. Therefore, when decorating kitchens and bathrooms, choose dirt-resistant, easy-to-clean, non-slip and waterproof ceramic tiles. It is recommended to consider glazed tiles. In terms of specifications, it is recommended to use tiles with specifications of 600 mm and below.

Bedroom tiles selection and matching

The bedroom is unique at home and is suitable for individuals to rest and relax. Although the area is not too large, it is relatively moderate. Therefore, it is not recommended for bedroom decoration to use tiles with too bright colors and too high gloss, which give people a dazzling and dazzling feeling. Many families like to pave wood-grain bricks and soft-light bricks in their bedrooms to create a natural, rustic, warm and comfortable space atmosphere. In addition, in terms of specifications, you can choose the size of 600 mm or 800 mm.


Selection and matching of balcony tiles

In the past, due to the small area of the balcony, it was often overlooked during decoration. However, as housing prices have risen and owners have higher requirements for quality of life, balcony decoration has also received more attention. For the more common balcony tiles, antique tiles with literary and artistic temperament or natural and fresh wood-grain tiles will be chosen. In terms of specifications, small-size tiles below 600mm are the main ones.

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