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Understanding common misunderstandings in the quick start of

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Because the surface of the ceramic tiles is bright and clean, the atmosphere is beautiful, and it is easy to clean and hygienic, it is often laid on the wall and floor, and it is also commonly used in home decoration. However, many owners tend to fall into misunderstandings when selecting and buying ceramic tiles, such as blindly pursuing large specifications and high prices. Next, the author sorted out several common misunderstandings when buying tiles, hoping to help everyone avoid mistakes.


Common Misunderstanding 1: Good tiles are not cheap

Affected by the traditional consumption concept of "cheaper no good goods", some owners believe that the higher the price, the better the quality of ceramic tiles when buying ceramic tiles. In fact, there is no direct relationship between the quality of ceramic tiles and the selling price. To measure the quality of ceramic tiles, it is necessary to identify the various properties of the ceramic tiles. The price of ceramic tiles is affected by many factors such as production efficiency, publicity costs, and market environment.

Therefore, owners cannot simply rely on the price to determine the quality of the tiles. Many owners are caught by the consumer psychology of ceramic tile merchants, and finally bought ceramic tile products that are expensive but of very average quality.


Common Misunderstanding 2: Larger specifications are more atmospheric

Over the past two years, large-size ceramic tiles have been more popular, and many such ceramic tiles have also appeared in the building materials market. In order to follow the trend, some owners tend to fall into the misunderstanding of large-size tiles when buying tiles. Although, the effect of laying large-size tiles is more atmospheric and more advanced. However, large-size tiles also have limitations in space applications, and are usually suitable for home decoration with large enough units.

For small and medium-sized apartments, the use of large-size tiles will make the home decoration appear smaller. If cutting is required during paving, it will increase labor costs and cause material waste.


Common Misunderstanding 3: Use weight to see quality

When visiting a ceramic tile store, you will occasionally see that some owners will pick up the tiles and weigh them. By comparing the weights of several different tiles, you can distinguish their respective quality. In fact, this is a psychology shared by many consumers, who feel that heavier ceramic tiles will be more adequate.

However, with the continuous improvement of ceramic tile production technology, the types and styles are becoming more and more abundant, and the ceramic tile is developing towards the trend of light and thin. Recently popular new products such as ceramic slabs and rock slabs are all thin and light tiles. It can be seen that the weight of the tiles does not represent the quality.

To sum up, when buying ceramic tiles, you should not try to save trouble. Just look at the price, specifications and weight of the ceramic tiles. You should combine the actual decoration needs and different types of ceramic tiles for specific analysis, and then purchase and place an order after comparison.

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