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Are you worried about the quality of ceramic tiles purchased

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For many consumers, online shopping has long been not only a consumption habit, but also a way of life. Although there are many critics of online shopping, there is no doubt about its convenience and multiple choices. Especially since the outbreak of the epidemic at the beginning of the year, online shopping has further affected all aspects of people's lives. At present, many ceramic tile brands have also accelerated their access to major e-commerce platforms.

However, many consumers have doubts about online purchase of ceramic tiles, worrying that the quality of online orders is not guaranteed. Of course, ceramic tile products are different from other products after all, and this concern is not unreasonable. The author recommends that consumers learn the following three steps when buying ceramic tiles online to better ensure the quality of ceramic tiles.


Step 1: When purchasing, look at the professional quality inspection certificate

When selecting ceramic tiles online, consumers should check the professional quality inspection reports or certifications of the products. Under normal circumstances, the tile online store will be displayed on the product details page. If the details page is not available or unclear, you can consult the customer service of the ceramic tile shop to obtain it. Usually formal ceramic tile brand online stores will have these certification qualifications. If not, you need to consider carefully. In order to avoid risks, you can switch to a ceramic tile brand online store to purchase.


Step 2: Send ceramic tile samples before placing the order

Some consumers will first go to the offline ceramic tile store to choose, and after they are optimistic about the style, specification and color of the ceramic tile, they will place an order at the online ceramic tile store. However, even if you have already seen it in a physical store, you must be cautious when placing an order online. Some ceramic tile online shops provide sample delivery services, but consumers need to pay corresponding fees. Before placing an order, it is recommended that you send a few samples from the ceramic tile shop for comparison.


Step 3: When picking up the goods, inspect the goods patiently and carefully

Whether it is a physical store purchase or an online purchase of tiles, inspection is a very important step when picking up the goods. It should be noted that the inspection must be careful and patient. When time permits, you should open each box of tiles for inspection. Don't take a fluke mentality, just check a few tiles randomly. If all the inspections are completed and there are no ceramic tile quality problems or damage problems, you can pick up the goods and go back for paving construction. If you encounter problems, you must take a good photo, record a video, and communicate with the tile shop in time to negotiate compensation or replenishment.

The above are three important steps to ensure the quality of ceramic tiles when buying ceramic tiles online. I believe that doing these 3 steps well and paying more attention when purchasing, before placing an order and when picking up the goods can avoid a lot of unnecessary troubles.

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