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Do you want to make the beautiful seam of ceramic tiles by y

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Many owners found it easy after watching the tutorial videos of beautiful tile sewing on the Internet; therefore, in order to save money when decorating, they are eager to try and want to make beautiful tile sewing by themselves. However, the beauty of ceramic tile sewing is simple and difficult to operate. Whether it is suitable for you to do it depends on your actual situation. Then, before considering whether to make the beautiful tile joints by yourself, let's take a look at the people who come over!


Basically, according to the different experiences and feelings of the owners of making beautiful joints of tiles, they can be divided into the following three types:


"Tired batch" type of beautiful seam of ceramic tiles

The vast majority of owners who make beautiful joints for ceramic tiles are done to save labor costs. After all, the labor cost is not cheap if you ask the decorator to do the beautiful seam of the tiles. In order to save money, some owners have contracted the beautiful joints of the tiles for the entire family decoration by themselves, from start to finish alone. After finishing the work, they feel really tired, and they want to fly the shovel out of the window.


There are also female owners who force their husbands to use the weekends to make beautiful tiles together. However, it's either that you are tired from work and can't do it; it's just that the weather is cold and you can't lie down on the ground; or it's too hot and the dry time is short. In the end, it took two to three years and two to three thousand dollars before and after it was finally completed.


Tile beautiful seam "halfway" type

At the moment when network information is developed, owners will learn relevant knowledge and skills on the Internet before considering making beautiful joints of tiles by themselves. However, many owners are also "tempted" by the tutorial videos of online tile beauty stitching. They bought a full set of tools and gave up decisively if they didn't even finish half of the bathroom; or they cleared the seams for 20 to 30 minutes. , I decided to find someone to sew beautifully and decided not to do it myself.


Therefore, the owners of the “half-way” type of ceramic tile joints summed up their experience and concluded that professional work should be left to professional people. Doing tile joints by yourself can really be exhausting. In order to save thousands of dollars and Not worth it.


Tile beautiful seam "tired and happy" type

Of course, there are also many owners who feel that it is not that difficult after finishing the beautiful seam of the tiles themselves, and they feel very fulfilled. Affected by the epidemic, the time for resumption of work and production after the year was postponed. Some owners took advantage of the long vacation and the couple completed the beautiful stitching of more than 90 square meters of ceramic tiles at home. They felt very fulfilled.


There are also owners’ houses of 160 square meters, all of which use 300×800㎜ and 450×900㎜ tiles for I-shaped paving. After a person spent a week doing the beautiful seam of tiles, he thought that as long as he mastered the beautiful seam skills, it was actually very easy, not so difficult.

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