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I plan to cover all walls with tiles at home. What are the d

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For the decoration of the home floor, most owners will choose to tiling tiles or laying wooden floors. Relatively speaking, the wall decoration materials are more abundant and diverse, such as latex paint, wallpaper, diatom mud and so on. As each owner has different personal preferences, different wall decoration materials will also be considered.


Because ceramic tiles have the advantages of smooth surface, hard, scratch-resistant, stain-resistant and waterproof, and easy to clean and maintain, many home decorations also use wall tiles. However, wall tiles are usually recommended to be half-paved. Individual owners have tiled all walls in their homes, but regretted it after moving in for a period of time. So, what are the disadvantages of full wall tiles, why not recommend full wall tiles?


I believe many owners have heard of "whole house tiles". In fact, laying tiles throughout the house means that in addition to all tiles on the ground, all walls are also covered with tiles. Although, doing so can be more complete and uniform, appear bright and high-grade; however, it is also easy to give people a cold visual effect, especially after living for a long time, it lacks a warm family atmosphere.


Of course, some owners will think that the home is covered with tiles, which can lower the indoor temperature in the hot summer and give people a cool feeling. However, this kind of "coolness" will become "cold" in winter. Originally, on a winter night, when returning home from the cold outdoors, what I needed was warmth. As a result, it might only be cold, and the experience was really not good. Especially for families in the south, they will inevitably have a headache when they encounter the "return to the southern sky" in March and April every year. Although ceramic tiles can be moisture-proof and waterproof, the walls and floors of the home are always damp, and the entire wall may be covered with water droplets.


Moreover, there are many owners who mistakenly think that if the entire wall is covered with tiles, sanitary cleaning will be easy and trouble-free. However, it did not take into account that it would be more difficult to scrub after the tiles are placed on the high wall. The ceramic tiles will always accumulate dust after being used for a long time. To avoid more difficult cleaning in the future, regular cleaning is required. However, every time I need to scrub the tiles on the high wall, I feel tired when I think about it.


In addition, the area of the wall at home is not small. If all walls are covered with ceramic tiles, the amount of ceramic tiles is considerable, and the cost will increase accordingly. Therefore, when considering laying tiles throughout the house, you also need to make a decoration budget plan first.
       Finally, it is recommended that large-sized families give priority to tile laying throughout the house, which can better reflect the laying effect.

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