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The show will continue in March, and custom-made slate furni

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The show will continue in March, and custom-made slate furniture has become the focus of the industry!

On March 24, the Shanghai Construction Expo was launched with a theme of "high-end customization, design-led", and elaborately built 5 theme pavilions with high- end design, main materials, smart appliances, doors and windows, and customization.


This is the fourth large-scale home furnishing and building materials exhibition held this month.

As the new darling of the home building materials circle, "Slate" made a gorgeous appearance in the four major exhibitions, earning enough attention and becoming one of the most concerned materials.

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丨 There is a kind of "rock value" that astounds time丨

At the 45th International Famous Furniture (Dongguan) Exhibition that just came to an end, the joint exhibition hall of Wonderful L&D Slate and Habitat’s new overall home has become the most attention-grabbing focus.

Interpreting comfort with ingenuity, leading fashion with quality, beautiful spatial layout, and the presentation of slabs and homes complement each other, making the entire exhibition hall the most "rock-worthy" landscape in this famous furniture exhibition.

Meet you who have the most "rock value"


The biggest feature of this joint exhibition hall is that it has "rock value", and it is amazing as soon as you enter the door-this is the exhibition hall with the largest display area of rock slabs among all the furniture exhibition halls at the exhibition. Almost all visitors are surprised as soon as they enter the door. : "Is this a slate?", "This is a slate!"

As a new type of material, rock slab is already a big star out of the circle, and Weimei L&D rock slab, as one of the earliest domestic branded R&D, production, and sales of rock slabs, can be called the leader in the field of rock slab aesthetics. .

As expected, the joint exhibition hall of Wonderful L&D Slate has become a hot spot for this exhibition.

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Hot exhibition negotiation scene

On March 12, 2021, Wonderful L&D Ceramics signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Habitat brand of Rongfeng Group. This joint exhibition is the first appearance of the cooperation between the two parties, and it is also a sensational appearance from all walks of life.

Relying on the influence of the brands of both parties, the exhibition hall continued to burst in popularity throughout the exhibition period, with an endless stream of visitors, photographers, consultants, and negotiation partners!


▲Zhao Hu, the chairman and publisher of Interior Design China, the vice chairman of the Interior Design Branch of the Architectural Society of China, the executive director of Tang Wuchen Kenwen Creative Group, and the design director Xie Yingkai and other design guests came to the tasting!

At this international famous furniture exhibition, the joint exhibition of Wonderful L&D Slate and Habitat has won unanimous praise from inside and outside the industry, which proves the market's recognition and desire for high-quality, high-value products.

In the future, Wonderful L&D Slate will continue to practice the brand mission of "Life and Design", create value with quality, empower products with design, and let the home space meet more beautiful!

(Article source: Weimei L&D Ceramics Official Account, invaded and deleted)

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