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Spoiler alert | The 36th Foshan Ceramics Expo theme exhibiti

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Spoiler alert | The 36th Foshan Ceramics Expo theme exhibition area, the highlights are first to see!

April 18-21

The 36th Foshan Ceramic Fair is about to open

The carnival of the ceramic industry is here again!

What will be different in Foshan Taobo this year?

What are the new ways to play?

Don't worry!

The 36th Foshan Ceramics Fair was built

"Exhibition in Exhibition" with different themes

Color area, international brand area, rock board home museum,

Featured boutique area, beautiful seam hall, slate industry service area, auxiliary material area

Today, Xiao Tao will spoil it in advance


Color Zone

China Ceramic City Exhibition Hall

The color zone, with the theme of "color·play", gathers high- quality color brick brands such as color tiles, Medici, and exotic tiles, as well as 2000+ global popular color products. From design, product, packaging to promotion, the overall atmosphere packaging around color elements is one of the must-check points for Internet celebrities at the Foshan Ceramics Fair. At the same time, 2021 China Space Design + Creation will be held during the exhibition centering on color applications and fashion trends. Summit and other special events.


International Brand Zone

China Ceramic City Exhibition Hall

The international brand area, relying on the external window of China Ceramic City, gathers 20+ imported brands such as HBI, Schend, Lamborghini, and Italian Wadley slate to showcase the latest global trends and products. It is a high-quality choice for understanding trends and realizing transformation and upgrading. Diversified activities such as the Fifth China Rental Apartment Entrepreneurs Summit, the National Hotel Engineering Technology Application Forum and the Advanced Seminar for Engineering Managers will be held at the same time.



Yanban Home Furnishing Museum

China Ceramics Headquarters Pavilion

Yanban Home Furnishing Hall, relying on the new material display base of China Ceramics Headquarters, gathers 50+ high-end rock slab brands such as Meierqi rock slab, Qimei, EK rock slab, rock slab space, and Xinyansu to display the latest rock slab products. The whole station matches the upstream and downstream resources of the rock slab industry chain, and the "2021 China Rock Slate Summit" will be held at the same time to see rock slab products and understand rock slab trends. Come to the 36th Foshan Ceramic Expo on April 18-21. That's it!


Beauty Sewing Hall

Foshan International Convention and Exhibition Center Pavilion


Mei Sewing Pavilion is the first ceramic industry exhibition dedicated to the upstream and downstream brands of Mei Sewing created by Foshan Ceramics Fair and China Ceramics Industry Association Ceramic Tile Sewing Technology Professional Committee. It gathers more than 30 high-end professional beauty sewn brands, 1000+ During the exhibition, a number of new product launch conferences will be held to release the overall trend of 2021 beautiful sewing products.


Featured boutique area

Foshan International Convention and Exhibition Center Pavilion

Featured boutique area, located in the exhibition hall of Foshan International Convention and Exhibition Center. From handmade bricks, mosaics to wood-grain bricks, fashion boutiques in the ceramic industry are available here. If you want to find small and beautiful boutiques, come to the 36th Foshan Ceramics Fair. The boutique area can meet your needs.



Yanban Industrial Service Area

Foshan International Convention and Exhibition Center Pavilion

In response to the service needs of the rock slab industry, this year's Foshan Ceramics Expo will set up a rock slab industry service area at the Foshan International Convention and Exhibition Center to display rock slab cutting, splicing, and perforation and other rock slab processing techniques, as well as the latest rock slab production and processing technologies.



Auxiliary material area

Foshan International Convention and Exhibition Center Pavilion

While meeting everyone’s demand for ceramic tile products and design, this year’s Foshan Ceramics Fair will continue to upgrade and optimize to provide a procurement platform for customers who need ceramic tile accessories, covering 250+ brands such as Henry, Yigu, and Renault. The whole industry chain on the board and downstream, one-stop solution to all the problems of tile paving. At the same time, in the auxiliary material area, the “Seek for the Situation and Move to the Future-The Seventh Dealer Conference” will be held to release the product trend of the ceramic industry in 2021.



Note: The product application renderings in this article are derived from color tiles, strange bricks, HBI, Wujie, Melqi, Huayan quality slabs, Xiong Liang, Stars, Forty-five degrees, Jingjiao Machinery, Meisheng Yaheng, Jericho, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete it.

After reading these, do you feel moved?

In addition to a rich and diverse product theme curation

Exhibition and exhibition linkage, more than 400,000 square meters

800+ exhibitors

40+ events in 4 days, 100+ big coffee

April 18-21

The 36th Foshan Ceramic Fair,

We sincerely invite you to "move" together!

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