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China Democratic League Central Proposal: It is recommended

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China Democratic League Central Proposal: It is recommended to rectify products such as negative ion tiles

According to reports, recently, the Central Committee of the Democratic League announced 46 proposals to be submitted to the conference. One of the proposals, entitled "Concentrated Remediation of the Pseudo Technology Market and Purification of the Technological Innovation Environment" pointed out that over the years, pseudo-tech products such as negative ion tiles, graphene underwear, nano massage chairs, dark matter shampoos, quantum pendants, etc. The flooding of the market has not only endangered the health and interests of the people, but also impacted genuine scientific and technological innovation products and disrupted the scientific and technological innovation environment.

The proposal pointed out that in reality, fake technology products are difficult to distinguish between true and false, sales channels are complex and diverse, and supervision is difficult. First of all, the market for technology products is mixed and difficult to distinguish. Some pseudo-tech products are often sold with patents, certifications, experimental data and other "tall" coats, which are difficult for ordinary consumers to distinguish. Moreover, the regulatory authorities lack professional knowledge and law enforcement basis. In terms of review, the product supervision department is mainly responsible for the administrative approval process, and the control of product quality relies on national standards, industry standards and certification reports from other institutions. With the rapid development of science and technology, the speed of product refurbishment is accelerating, and the naturally lagging "standards" cannot keep up with the rhythm. It is difficult to find product problems from the perspective of professional knowledge when reviewing the names and functions of fake technology products. In addition, the information dissemination environment and the potential impact of cultural factors. Convenient network services facilitate people's daily communication and increase the difficulty of information screening. Consumers generally have a cult of science, and they blindly trust pseudo-tech products in the absence of scientific literacy. Fourth, consumers' awareness of rights protection is weak. Because they don’t understand the law, they don’t understand the ways to defend their rights, and they lack the awareness of protecting their rights.

To this end, the NLD Central Committee’s proposal suggests building a collaborative governance mechanism, establishing a multi-departmental joint law enforcement mechanism with functions such as screening, reporting, and disposition, coordinating department responsibilities, clarifying management responsibilities, and refining the division of responsibilities based on the advantages of each department. , To form an effective connection of management processes between departments. The proposal also suggests the use of big data and other means to realize smart governance; establish a mechanism for the participation of scientific and technological personnel; improve law formulation and increase the cost of violations; and focus on the cultivation and improvement of scientific literacy.

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