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An inventory of the latest developments in the ceramic indus

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An inventory of the latest developments in the ceramic industry: the emergence of a new European ceramic giant, Jiajiang requires 41 ceramic companies to complete the renovation, etc.


A new European ceramic giant is born!

Spanish ceramics Equipe merged with Italian ceramics Italcer

According to Spanish media reports, Miura Private Equity (Miura) and Mandarin Capital Partners (MCP), a private equity fund in Spain, have reached an agreement to build a new European ceramic giant by integrating Spain’s Equipe Cerámicas into Italy’s Italcer Cerámicas. After the completion of the acquisition, Equipe Cerámicas will still maintain the original brand, operation management and original team. After the merger, Miura will become Italcer's second shareholder.

Equipe, owned by Miura since 2018, is headquartered in Figueroles, Spain, and specializes in the design and production of small ceramic wall and floor tiles. According to a statement by Miura, the merger of the two companies is expected to achieve a combined turnover of more than 220 million euros in 2021, and an EBIT (total operating profit) of more than 50 million.

It is understood that Italcer was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in Rubiera, Italy. With the support of MCP, it has successively integrated Ceramica Rondine, La Fabbrica Ceramiche, Elios Ceramica, Give in and Devon & Devon and other companies. This is Italcer's seventh acquisition in three years, and the company has become one of Italy's major high-end ceramic groups in just three years.

Jiajiang, Sichuan:

41 ceramic companies involved in inkjet waste gas are required to complete the remediation by the end of April

On March 2, Jiajiang County Economic Information and Commerce Bureau and Jiajiang Ecological Environment Bureau jointly held a special rectification work meeting on volatile organic compounds in ceramic enterprises. At the meeting, the "Special Remediation Work Plan for Volatile Organic Compounds in Ceramic Enterprises" was issued, requiring 41 companies involved in inkjet waste gas in the county to complete the remediation before the end of April.

Among them, in strengthening the comprehensive law enforcement, the Jiajiang County Economic Information and Commerce Bureau and the Jiajiang Ecological Environment Bureau implement weekly scheduling, real-time scheduling of the progress of the enterprise, and irregularly cooperate with the towns (subdistricts) to implement the special rectification of ceramic enterprises VOCs. Carry out on-site supervision of the situation, and further supervise the implementation of ceramic companies that do not pay enough attention to the work. For ceramic companies that have not completed the renovation or the test results have not reached the standard, they will be ordered to suspend production for rectification, and resume after the completion of the rectification and the test and the standard. produce.

At present, 3 of 41 ceramic companies have completed rectification, 3 are rectifying, and the remaining companies are actively promoting the rectification process.

26 Taowei companies plan to receive special funds (energy-saving projects) awards and supplements

On March 5, the Foshan Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology released the list of enterprises to be supported by the Foshan Economic and Technological Development Special Fund (Energy Saving Project) in 2021. It intends to obtain the "Green Factory", "Green Park" and "Green Park" from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in 2020. Companies (products) with the title of "Designed Products", the 23rd batch of cleaner production companies (full process), the seventh and eighth batches of cleaner production companies (simple process) that have won the title of "Foshan Cleaner Production Enterprise" Industrial enterprises with the title of "Foshan Water-saving Enterprise" and third-party service organizations that provide enterprises with energy-saving diagnostic services in 2020 will be given a one-time financial subsidy.

Among them, 26 Taowei and supporting enterprises are listed. Xinruncheng intends to be awarded the title of "Green Factory"; 6 Taowei companies including Xinmingzhu, Xinjincheng, Jinyitao, Xiangxiang, and Hengjie intend to be awarded the title of "Green Products and Enterprises"; Nengqiang, Qianghui, and Hongtao , Shuncheng and other 19 Taowei and supporting enterprises are planned to be selected into the support list of "Foshan Cleaner Production Enterprises". The announcement time is March 8-12, 2021.

List of green manufacturing plans to be supported (Tao Wei and supporting enterprises)

List of Green Factory Enterprises

Serial number


Company Name




Nanhai District

Guangdong Xinruncheng Ceramics Co., Ltd.

Fifth batch

List of green products and companies


Serial number


Company Name

Product name and model


Chancheng District

Guangdong Xinmingzhu Ceramics Group Co., Ltd.

Porcelain antique brick


Porcelain antique brick



Ceramic slab   1800*900


Ceramic slab   3200*1600


Glazed interior wall tiles



Fully vitrified brick




Chancheng District

Guangdong Xinjincheng Ceramics Group Co., Ltd.

Porcelain tiles (aurora colorful stone tiles) FEJ80**BM: 800mm*800mm, 1200mm*600mm

Porcelain tiles (negative ion tiles)FLB80**:800mm*800mm、1200mm*600mm



Nanhai District

Guangdong Direction Ceramics Co., Ltd.

Keliya Air Purification Brick


Supreme White Porcelain Throwing Real Stone



Whole body marble




Sanshui District

Hengjie Sanitary Ware Group Co., Ltd.

Toilet HC0168DT、HC0169DT、HC0171DT


Sanshui District

Guangdong Jinyitao Ceramics Group Co., Ltd.

Porcelain tiles 1500mm*750mm*11mm

Ceramic tiles 330mm*330*9.5mm


Antique brick 500mm*500mm*9.5mm


Porcelain tiles 1800mm*900mm*11mm


Tiles 300mm*300mm*9.6mm


Porcelain tiles 1200mm*600mm*10mm


Full cast Glaze 1200mm*600mm*11mm


Porcelain tiles 900mm*900mm*11mm



Sanshui District

Foshan Sanshui Xinmingzhu Ceramics Industry Co., Ltd.

Porcelain elegant light brick  LF-L126301F:1200mm*600mm

Glazed interior wall tiles  LQI62783:600mm*300mm


Porcelain elegant light brick JF-L126801:1200mm*600mm


Porcelain antique brick KF-L126301F:1200mm*600mm


Porcelain Classical Brick VF-V126065:1200mm*600mm


Remarks: The total amount of award funds received by the same enterprise for "green design products" does not exceed 200,000 yuan over the years.


(Source of the article: Ceramic Information-Official Account, Invaded and Deleted)

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