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From a single home furnishing store to a multi-format layout

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From a single home furnishing store to a multi-format layout, what about Red Star Macalline and the Home of Susan?

In 2021, the overall surplus of home building materials stores across the country will intensify, and the competition among home furnishing companies will become increasingly fierce. Leading home furnishing companies, Red Star Macalline, and Jiaran Zhijia have embarked on the road of transformation and upgrading.

Red Star Macalline strives to break business boundaries, challenge the 8 billion contract value and 3 billion revenue target, and transform into an "omni-channel anti-furniture business platform service provider", giving a reference model for responding to new changes in the market.

Unexpectedly, Home has jumped out of the traditional business model and promoted the integration of "big home" and "big consumption"; online and offline integration and industrial upstream and downstream integration, and the development of multi-business line layout, continuously improving service capabilities and future potential in the digital age. Recently, the affiliated company of Jia Ranzhi registered 20 million and established a new smart home manufacturing company.

Red Star Macalline's 2021 decoration segment performance target of 8 billion

A few days ago, the first meeting of the Red Star Macalline Decoration Industry Group Administration Committee and the 2021 target responsibility report meeting was held at the Red Star Macalline headquarters. Red Star Macalline announced that the value of renovation contracts for the whole year of 2020 will exceed 4.5 billion, with 6 large orders of more than 10 million yuan, 126 large orders of more than one million yuan, and the highest customer order value of 54 million. In addition, the group has set a goal for 2021: challenge 8 billion contract value, 3 billion revenue, build an ecological organization, and work together. The meeting proposed that in 2021, the decoration industry group will form a benign interactive relationship with the merchants of the home shopping malls to help each other's business development; the healthy development of the whole-case refurbishment business of each home improvement store; the home and home improvement teams learn from each other to achieve their second skills, and more Do a good job of home furnishing integration in a healthy and benign manner.

20 million registrations of affiliated companies

Set up a new company for smart home manufacturing

On March 8, Ganzhou Juran Smart Home Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established. The legal representative is Du Ting, with a registered capital of 20 million yuan. The business scope includes: furniture manufacturing, furniture sales, furniture parts production, household goods manufacturing, and smart home consumer equipment Manufacturing and sales of smart home consumer equipment. The company is 100% controlled by Jiangxi Juran Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd., which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Beijing Juran Home Business Development Co., Ltd.

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