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Accelerating transformation! Five driving forces for the tra

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Accelerating transformation! Five driving forces for the transformation and upgrading of Western porcelain capital

From traditional ceramic tiles to large slabs and rock slabs, Jiajiang, the porcelain capital of western China, started its development from "bricks" to "slabs" since last year.

The variety of ceramic products has been further enriched, the quality has been further improved, the marketing management capabilities of enterprises have been further strengthened, the brand service awareness has been further strengthened, and the most direct manifestation is the high production and sales rate maintained by Jiajiang Ceramics in the past two years: most large and medium-sized ceramic companies have an annual average The production and sales rate remains above 90%. All these indicate that Jiajiang ceramics is undergoing rapid transformation, and Western ceramics are once again full of vigor and vitality!

Accelerated production capacity iteration

In 2020, the new technological transformation production line of Jiajiang Ceramics Enterprise will continue to be ignited and put into production. The number of newly-built technological transformation production lines that were ignited and put into production in Jiajiang throughout the year reached 18, ranking in the forefront of the major ceramic production areas in China.

As of the end of December 2020, Jiajiang has established Guangle Jiantao Group, Milano Group, Shengshi Dongfang Ceramics, Jianhui Ceramics, Jianxiang Ceramics, and 7 new large slate slab lines completed and ignited; Milano Group, Jianhui Ceramics, Huahong Ceramics, Kaida Ceramics, and Golden Agate Ceramics each have a newly-built/technically modified ceramic medium plate production line ignited and put into production; Milano Group has a multi-functional production line, and HSBC Ceramics has a technically modified one antique tile production line. , Lianyi Ceramics technical transformation 1 ground paving production line and 1 large slab production line, San Miro ceramics 1 ceramic chip production line technical transformation and put into operation, Fuze Building Materials 1 high-end sila production line completed and put into operation.

In 2021, Jiajiang has another large slate slab line, namely Jianyou, Mount Everest, and Shengshi Dongfang, which have been completed and ignited; Guangle and Yanboshi each have a large slate slab line under construction.

Environmental protection upgrade accelerated

In 2020, Jiajiang Sophia, Jianhui, and Huaxing passed the B-level enterprise assessment and acceptance of the Provincial Environmental Protection Department and became environmental B-level enterprises. During the yellow heavy pollution weather warning in Sichuan at the end of the year, normal production was still possible.

During the year, the total investment of the environmental protection upgrade and transformation of Jiajiang ceramic enterprises was more than 50 million yuan for the new bag-type dust removal equipment, desulfurization and denitrification equipment, dust unorganized management and control, and new online monitoring equipment. In addition to environmental B-level enterprises, Jianxiang and San Miro Ceramics Ganjiang Branch have obtained environmental C-level enterprise certification.

On March 2, 2021, the Jiajiang County Economic Information and Commerce Bureau and the Jiajiang Ecological Environment Bureau jointly held a special rectification work meeting for volatile organic compounds in ceramic companies, requiring 41 ceramic companies involving inkjet exhaust gas to complete the rectification by the end of April. Ceramic enterprises that fail to complete the remediation within the time limit or whose test results fail to meet the standard shall be ordered to suspend production. At present, three companies have completed rectification, three are in the process of rectification, and the remaining companies are actively promoting the rectification process.

In the process of various environmental protection rectifications, Jiajiang ceramics enterprises are facing an increase in capital equipment and environmental protection operating costs, but in the long run, environmental protection first strengthens the development stamina of the enterprise. In 2017, Jiajiang took the lead in completing the "coal-to-gas" conversion in domestic production areas and experienced pains. However, the early completion of the "coal-to-gas" conversion provided support for the company's continuous production and supply guarantee for the next few years.

Slab cross-border acceleration

2020 is a year of deep reshuffle of China's ceramic industry. On the one hand, the low-end and medium-end production capacity continues to shrink, and news of warehouse explosions and bankruptcy auctions continue to spread; on the other hand, as the current industry's highest-grade and most widely used industry Rock slabs are in the ascendant, and new rock slab production lines are constantly being built and put into production.

Because of the excellent product performance of rock slabs, it has been widely used in furniture, bathroom cabinets, cabinets, background walls and other fields. The number of rock slab production lines has skyrocketed. So far, more than 110 rock slab lines have been ignited nationwide.

In the new track of ceramic slabs, ceramic companies such as Jiajiang Milano, Shengshi Dongfang, Jianhui, Jianyou, and Everest are closely following the pulse of the development of the industry and invested in a new rock slab production line last year. Through ceramic rock slabs, Jiajiang Ceramics once again enter the national market, and its products are exported to South China, East China, Central China, Southwest China, and Northwest China. Now, Jiajiang has become the second largest rock slab production base in the country after Foshan.

At present, Jiajiang has 5 ceramic companies with slate production capacity, 8 production lines, and Guangle and Yanboshi each have a large slate slab line under construction.

Accelerated store layout

Last year, Guangle Jianhui Ceramics, Jianhui Ceramics, Sophia Ceramics, Huaxing Ceramics, Jianyou Ceramics and other enterprises had an average annual production and sales rate of over 90%. Behind the high production efficiency of enterprises, the supporting role of terminal specialty stores and specialty areas is very obvious. Preliminary statistics show that in 2020, the number of new specialty stores/specialized areas of Guangle Jianhui Ceramics, Jianhui Ceramics, Sophia Ceramics, and Huaxing Ceramics will be more than 80, and the total number of new specialty stores of Jiajiang Ceramics enterprises throughout the year will be 467. , 210 monopoly areas.

Through the construction of the exclusive store and exclusive area system, Jiajiang Ceramics Enterprise further enhances the company's brand image and channel penetration ability in the terminal market, thereby maintaining the stability of the company's product sales and dealer network.

In order to enhance the brand image, Guangle Jianhui Ceramics, Jianhui Ceramics, Sophia Ceramics, Huahong Ceramics, and Jinxiang Ceramics have refurbished and upgraded the image of the corporate headquarters exhibition hall. The new exhibition halls of Jianyou Ceramics and Everest Ceramics have been Start new construction.

Innovation driven acceleration

In the process of upgrading Jiajiang Ceramics, not only the product quality standards are in line with the first-class enterprises in Guangdong, but also the new product research and development capabilities have also made great progress. Through product process innovation and original pattern design, Jiajiang Ceramics' product competitiveness has been further enhanced.

In the past two years, the sales share of Jiajiang Ceramics in the Northwest market has continued to expand. Some products such as Guangdong, Jiangxi, and Shandong fully polished glaze, whole-body marble, and porcelain tiles have been squeezed out of the basin market. This is the practice of Jiajiang ceramics enterprises for high-quality development. Concept, one of the development results of strengthening R&D and innovation capabilities.

Sophia Ceramics, Huahong Ceramics, Jianyou Ceramics, HSBC Ceramics, Everest Ceramics and other enterprises have newly established or strengthened the marketing department/R&D department. In the product development of large slate slabs, some companies have strengthened their cooperation with Guangdong and even Italian design companies, pursuing the texture details and surface texture of the products.

(Article source: China Ceramic Tile Net, invaded and deleted)

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