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Before March 2021, 67 ceramic companies have been listed as

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Before March 2021, 67 ceramic companies have been listed as "Breach of Trust and Enforcement"

On March 18,, according to the statistics of untrustworthy persons subject to enforcement issued by the Supreme People’s Court and local courts, as of 20, 67 ceramic companies across the country have been included in the list of “distrustworthy persons”, involving 20 provinces ( city).

In this list, Guangdong has the most dishonest ceramic companies with 15 companies, followed by Hebei with 9 companies, Jiangxi, Guangxi, Henan, and Liaoning each with 5, Shandong has 4, Fujian, Sichuan, and Zhejiang each have 3. There are two in Shandong, Shanxi, and Shaanxi, and one in Chongqing, Guizhou, Hubei, Hunan, Anhui, Shanghai, Inner Mongolia, and Heilongjiang.'s statistics found that as of March 18, the main reason for the dishonesty of the Tao enterprises listed as "untrustworthy persons being enforced was due to debt disputes such as arrears and loans, involving a total amount of 180 million yuan. Mainly for defaulting on bank loans or personal loans, defaulting on wages or employee compensation, defaulting fines, etc. In the list of dishonesty, there are 6 ceramic companies involved in dishonesty amounts of more than 10 million yuan, of which the latest dishonest amount of Qingyuan Ganglong Ceramics Co., Ltd. exceeded 60 million yuan, and the number of dishonesty by this ceramic company reached 254 times.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that Foshan Dingniu Ceramics Technology Co., Ltd., Gaoyi County Hengtai Architectural Ceramics Co., Ltd., Gaoyi County Huici Architectural Ceramics Co., Ltd., Foshan Kisteli Ceramics Co., Ltd., etc. 4 The ceramic companies involved in intellectual property issues, the court ruled that these four ceramic companies should stop infringing the plaintiff Guangdong Dongpeng Holdings Co., Ltd.’s right to exclusive use of the registered trademark, that is, stopping the infringement of the use of Dongpeng’s words in their ceramic tile packaging. To stop publicizing the quality of famous trademarks in Guangdong Province, national inspection-free high-quality product certification and other false publicity activities, and compensate Guangdong Dongpeng Holding Co., Ltd. for economic losses and reasonable expenses of 2 million yuan, but it was included in the list of dishonesty due to failure to fulfill relevant requirements .

What needs to be explained is that it is not that the company's debt will be included in the list, but the court will repay the debt after the debt dispute is brought to court. Because the person subject to execution has the ability to perform, the obligation determined by the effective legal document is not performed, or the evidence is forged Obstructing, resisting execution, evading execution, or violating the property reporting system, or having the ability to perform but refusing to perform the obligation to determine an effective legal document, etc., are listed by the court on the list of "untrustworthy persons subject to enforcement". If the company actively implements the court's judgments and rulings, and applies for cancellation after fulfilling the obligations determined in the legal documents, the court will revoke the record of the "untrustworthy person subject to enforcement" within 3 working days.

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