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Jiangxi production area plans to add 40 production lines in

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Jiangxi production area plans to add 40 production lines in 2021!

According to incomplete statistics, in 2020, only 10 ceramic companies such as Aestheticism, Dongpeng, Oceano, Taiyang, and Asustek will add 15 new production lines in Jiangxi. Among them, Sun Sun and Asustek both have three production lines put into production, and the production capacity expansion of Jiangxi production area will continue in 2021. Large companies such as Xinmingzhu, Dongpeng, Nobel, Ruiyang, Asus, Roosevelt, etc., plan to add 40 production lines in total. In the next two months or so, 7 ceramic production lines such as Sun, Roosevelt, Getsch, and Golden Triangle will be put into production.

Will Jiangxi pottery companies still have a boom in production and sales in 2021? What are the goals of the major pottery companies? According to reports, ASUS and Roosevelt’s goal this year is to exceed 2 billion yuan, Ruiyang will exceed 2.5 billion yuan, and revenue in 2020 is already The Sun, which has exceeded 2 billion, proposed that the goal for the next three years is to reach 3 billion.

The reporter's survey showed that after the centralized gas supply, the fuel cost of Gaoan Ceramics Enterprise increased by 75%, and the production advantage declined, but many local leading ceramic enterprises maintained their expansion pace. Some ceramic enterprises believe that Gao'an will have a situation of "big fish eating small fish", and industry concentration will further increase.

Gaoan Taoqi puts forward high-growth goals

In 2021, Gaoan Ceramics Enterprise has set a high growth target for the new year.

Sun Chairman Hu Yiheng said that by 2023, when the group is established 30 years ago, Sun will strive to exceed 3 billion yuan in annual revenue. Huang Jinping, director of the Sun Group’s office, told Tao Chengjun that this means that the next three years will maintain a growth rate of 30%.

At the meeting at the end of 2020, Roosevelt Group President Luo Youjun mentioned that Roosevelt Ceramics' mid-term goal is to reach 2.5 billion yuan in industrial output within three years. The reporter integrated the New Year's speeches of many companies and found that Ruiyang will strive to exceed 2.5 billion yuan in 2021 on the basis of ensuring 2.3 billion yuan; Xinruihong's goal in 2021 is to achieve 1.5 billion yuan; and Jintaiyuan's 2023 goal It is 1 billion yuan, and the target plan for 2028 is 3 billion yuan.

According to the "2020 Yichun Top 100 Private Enterprises List" released on December 3, 2020, there are 13 ceramic companies in Jiangxi with revenue exceeding 500 million yuan, and 6 companies with revenue exceeding 1 billion yuan, including: Asustek, Jiangxi and the United States. , Sun, Ruiyang, Roosevelt, Fengcheng Dongpeng. Among Jiangxi's local companies, only Asustek, Hemei, and Sun have revenues of more than 2 billion yuan.

Production expansion is an important guarantee for increasing output value.

It is understood that in 2020, Sun will have 3 remodeled production lines put into operation. In September 2020, ASUS had three production lines put into production at the same time. ASUS Chairman Wang Zhihong said that the daily output of ASUS ceramics has reached 320,000 m².

It is planned to add 40 lines, and 7 new lines will be put into production in the next 2 months‍

In 2021, the expansion of Jiangxi's production areas will continue. In addition to the leading companies such as Dongpeng, Xinmingzhu, and Nobel, Jiangxi's local enterprises will have new expansions. According to incomplete statistics from reporters, only large companies will A total of 40 production lines are planned to be added.

According to official sources, in the first September of 2020, Gaoanxin signed 19 ceramic projects, and 14 companies plan to renovate or add 22 new production lines. Among them, Ruiyang plans to invest 2.3 billion yuan to build 10 production lines; Asustek plans to invest 800 million yuan to build 4 production lines; Roosevelt won 400 acres of industrial land and plans to invest 800 million yuan in the layout of large slabs and marble tiles; new Ruihong plans to invest 5 4 lines will be built for 100 million yuan.

From February to April 2021, only 7 ceramic production lines will be put into production, including Sun, Roosevelt, Getsch, Golden Triangle, Jingcheng, and Jinliyuan. Liu Chunliang, chairman of Geshiqi, told reporters that Geshiqi's second intelligent production line will be put into operation in March. Roosevelt’s marketing director Luo Xuan revealed that Roosevelt’s Changfeng No. 9 and No. 10 production lines are under construction and plans to produce bricks in February and March 2021.

 Promote more "big fish eat small fish"?‍

For this round of capacity expansion, many ceramic companies in Gaoan are not optimistic.

People in the Gaoan industry believe that “Jiangxi’s high-quality enterprises are expanding in 2020, but a group of blind expanders have also spawned. Now that the market dividend is basically used up, the market this year is unlikely to continue to be hot.”

Some ceramic enterprises told reporters that market conditions began to weaken in the second half of 2020. An industry person said that after the tide slowly receded in the second half of the year, the pressure of many companies came again.

"Gaoan enterprises have been adding kilns irrationally," industry insiders predict that although Gaoan will have a small peak after the year, it will soon face internal wars in the production area, and Guangdong will also reduce dimensionality.

In this round of expansion, the main production lines are large-capacity production lines. “The new production lines are all aimed at large-scale production. We used to have small production lines. We will also change to large production lines in 2019-2020. "The person in charge of a ceramic company told reporters.

Next, the "injured" may be small and medium ceramic enterprises. "Going to the big line also requires courage. In this market environment, the payback period of investment exceeds 3-4 years and cannot survive. Some small companies may not have such strength," the person in charge of a ceramic company believes, "Jiangxi in 2021 The concentration of the ceramic industry will accelerate."

(Article source: China Ceramics Home Furnishing Net, invaded and deleted)

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