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Understand these 5 types of ceramic tiles, it is easier to v

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Consumers who have visited ceramic tile stores in the building materials market or learned about ceramic tile products through the Internet know that there are many types of ceramic tiles. And because of the different classification standards, different types of tiles have their own characteristics, which is not only difficult for consumers to remember, but sometimes also easy to misunderstand. Today, the author has counted the main 5 types of ceramic tiles and their characteristics. Consumers who need them, hurry up and collect them!


First, the polished tiles. As the name suggests, the name of the polished tile comes from its polishing process. The products produced by the original ceramic tile production line have not very smooth surfaces and low gloss. In order to improve the decorative effect, the surface has been polished and polished, resulting in the appearance of polished tiles.

Secondly, the whole body bricks. Although just looking at the name, you know that the whole body is one of the characteristics of the whole body brick. However, many consumers do not have a good understanding of the meaning of the "full body" of ceramic tiles. In fact, the whole body refers to the consistency of the texture and color of the surface and the interior of the tile. Moreover, compared with the overall effect, the superior anti-slip performance is the main reason why the overall brick is favored by the market.


Furthermore, it is a vitrified brick. Most consumers do not understand the professional production process of ceramic tiles. It is not easy to understand the term "vitrification". In layman's terms, the characteristic of vitrified tiles is that they are directly fired, without polishing, but with a hard and bright effect, similar to glass. On the market, there are also fully vitrified tiles, which are more marketing gimmicks of tile merchants, so you don't need to care too much.

Next, let me mention antique tiles by the way. Because antique tiles are widely used in home decoration, many consumers have heard of it. The naming of antique tiles mainly refers to the effect of antique and old surface patterns. At present, in the ceramic tile market, in addition to classic antique tiles, more fashionable and simple modern antique tiles have also appeared.


Finally, the glazed tiles are polished. According to the naming idea of polished tiles, consumers are easy to mistakenly think that polished tiles are “glazed polished” on the surface. In fact, polished glazed tiles include two processes: glazing and polishing. Moreover, the polishing process of polished glazed tiles is carried out on its surface glaze layer. Therefore, the surface gloss of polished glaze tiles is much higher than that of polished tiles, and the patterns are also richer. Polished glazed bricks are divided into full glazed and half glazed.

In summary, the author introduces the origins of the names of five types of ceramic tiles, polished tiles, full-body tiles, vitrified tiles, antique tiles and polished glazed tiles, and their main features, hoping to help consumers better understand and distinguish. Different types of tiles.

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